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Jersey City Medical Center

New Jersey
In Progress

Jersey City Medical Center was negatively impacted, both physically and operationally, by inundation during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The Project involves the construction of flood mitigation measures at JCMC’s Wilzig Hospital in accordance with the flood mitigation strategy as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) Hazard Mitigation.  This hospital is a 24/7 trauma center in an extremely populated urban environment Construction consists of 1,500 LF of a floodwall (500 LF of deployable, 1,000 LF of concrete) around the existing hospital, including two main entrances. 

All work will be done in an efficient manner to not affect hospital operations, as they will be fully operational during construction.  Utilities, pump stations, new loading dock and interior flood mitigation measures (retractable flood gates) will be built to further protect hospital critical operations Construction will include, among other things, protection of the Hospital’s exterior walls, windows and openings, replacement of the central expansion joint, backflow prevention, additional protection for critical infrastructure and programmatic spaces, and provision of dewatering pumps and protect the campus exterior to a design flood elevation of 18 feet along with additional mitigation measures to protect critical interior infrastructure rooms and programmatic support services and clinical departments.


Jersey City Medical Center

Scope of Work:
  • Demolition – loading dock and canopy steel, building façade granite panels, pavements
  • Piles – Drilled Displacement Piles (DDP) and micro piles (132 ea)
  • Contaminated Soil removal (5,000 CY)
  • Concrete Flood Wall shear keys, grade beams, structural slabs and walls (3,000 CY)
  • Stormwater pipe (3,600 LF), structures (30 ea), and trench drain (700 LF)
  • Primary Deployable Flood Barrier outside hospital, steel decorative posts with fabric storage trench – 500 LF
  • Secondary Deployable Flood Barrier inside hospital
  • Mechanical Pump Stations
  • Construction of Flood walls

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