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UGI Utilities is one of the foremost providers of natural gas to communities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Its 660,000 customers in 46 counties rely on the company’s continued service to power their homes daily.

In an effort to increase the service coverage of its natural gas pipeline distribution system in Pennsylvania, UGI contracted Conti to install new pipelines in Mechanicsburg.

Conti installed approximately 1,600 linear feet of 12-inch FBE coated 0.552-inch wall thick, high pressure steel natural gas pipe and directly buried it in a private right-of-way alongside a roadway. The team trenched the pipe across an active roadway in three locations. In all cases, the existing road pavement was saw cut and removed, and the trench was excavated for pipe installation. Once the pipe was installed, the road was backfilled and the asphalt pavement reinstalled. Conti also installed 1,174 linear feet of 12-inch Powercrete steel pipe via horizontal directional drill, 460 linear feet of which ran under wetlands, 714 of which ran under an intersection of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation state highway. Since work was performed along the side of the road, Conti implemented traffic control to ensure movement of traffic and safety for the traveling public. This included lane closures and lane shifts performed by trained traffic flagger personnel. 

Once the pipeline was complete and prior to tie-in, the pipeline was pressure tested with nitrogen, and a pig was run through the line for cleaning. The line was tied-in by UGI personnel to the existing high pressure line at two locations with a hot tap. 

After excavating and installing multiple pipes in residential areas and an active roadway, the project provides the Mechanicsburg community with updated gas service.


UGI Utilities, Inc.

Scope of Work:
  • Residential construction
  • Installed pipes under and around an active roadway
  • Excavated and buried piping
  • Installed 5,500 linear feet of 12-inch FBE coated steel natural gas pipe
  • Installed 1,174 linear feet of 12” Powercrete steel pipe
  • Installed 1,174 linear feet of 12-inch Powercrete steel pipe

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