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Kingsland Park Sanitary Landfill

New Jersey

Deemed a “financial and social disaster for communities and taxpayers,” a failed housing development project in New Jersey’s Meadowlands in the early 2000s resulted in extensive site contamination.  

In 2009, the American Home Assurance Company (AHA) spearheaded a project to remediate the site as part of a surety bond, and New Jersey Governor John Corzine approved the plan. 

Conti completed the closure of the Meadowland’s 85-acre landfill with a soil cap as a part of the AHA’s remediation efforts. The landfill included an impermeable soil layer, residential clean fill material, topsoil and landscaping. Conti performed storm drainage installation, methane collection system repairs and leachate collection system modifications. Conti installed water-tight HDPE storm drainage, 110 precast manholes, and drainage swales with a continuous HDPE liner, all through refuse material while avoiding existing landfill utility conflicts. The team also relocated 250,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil. 

As one face of the landfill had previously been covered with liner, Conti was required to inspect and repair defects left behind. To protect this liner, a specialty drainage layer and topsoil were placed over the top to allow for stormwater to pass into the drainage system. Conti utilized GPS technology on dozers, resulting in reduced costs in survey and stakeout of the project. Conti’s flexible team approach led to the successful completion of this project and award of the next contract at an adjacent landfill, both on acreage intended for beneficial reuse. 


Private Client

Scope of Work:
  • Relocation of 250,000 cy contaminated soil
  • Installation soil cap and liner
  • Installation of 30,000 LF storm drainage and drainage swales
  • Modification of methane collection system
  • Repair of the leachate collection system
  • Rough grading of existing landfill features

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