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Meadowlands Leachate Transport System

New Jersey

Deemed a “financial and social disaster for communities and taxpayers,” a failed housing development project in the early 2000s resulted in extensive site contamination.

In 2009, a private company spearheaded a project to remediate the site as part of a surety bond, and New Jersey Governor John Corzine approved the plan. Conti performed under a series of closure contracts across the Meadowlands’ different landfill sites for potential non-residential future redevelopment.

Conti’s work consisted of site preparation activities, installation of the balance of a site wide leachate transport system and perimeter engineering controls. Work included the installation of a vertical hydraulic barrier; dewatering of surface water, groundwater and leachate; installation of a leachate collection and transportation pipe, force main systems and pump stations; Viola Ditch modifications, landfill cap installation and site improvements at the Lyndhurst Landfill. Work was completed simultaneously on the Avon Landfill with identical scopes of work.

During the repair and installation of the leachate collection system, Conti placed 14,305 linear feet of 12-inch perforated leachate management pipe with cleanouts and 6 to 8-inch HDPE leachate force main to collect and transport leachate from the landfill to the pump stations and existing collection system. Rehabilitation and construction of onsite pump stations included new power supply; control systems including programmable logic controller and SCADA; flow meters at entrances to force main; air release valves; 4KV and 5KV transformers; and pH and gas meters. Conti pumped leachate from the work area using assorted pumps, sumps, hoses and pipes to transport to a frac holding tank for disposal.

Conti achieved a perfect safety record on this project with zero recordable incidents. 


Private Client

Scope of Work:
  • Rehabilitated and constructed 11 pump stations on five landfills
  • Installed 14,305 linear feet of 12-inch perforated leachate management pipes
  • Installed 2,957 linear feet of 6-inch and 2,420 linear feet of 8-inch HDPE leachate force main for collection and transportation
  • Installed soil cap and liner
  • Installed storm drainage and drainage swales
  • Installed and repaired existing leachate collection system

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