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Port Imperial Intermodal Ferry Terminal

New Jersey

In response to increasing commuter volume into New York City, Conti constructed this new, state-of-the-art port facility to include significant savings through value engineering.

Significant growth to ferry ridership at New Jersey’s Port Imperial Intermodal Ferry Terminal raised the need for major renovations to the aging structure. Its owner, New Jersey Transit, called for construction of a new state-of-the art commuter port to replace the undersized existing facility serving the millions of passengers traveling across the Hudson River between Manhattan in New York City and Weehawken.

Conti performed the design and construction of the new 65,000 square-foot ferry terminal using value engineering to improve operations and save budget. The work included environmentally sensitive dredging of the Hudson River for ferry traffic, pile-driving, precast foundations and terminal building construction, as well as an 800-foot waterfront pedestrian esplanade to provide convenient scenic access to the terminal. Conti executed this complex work over water, maintaining traffic flow on an adjacent roadway and compressing work hours to attenuate noise for neighbors. Conti managed 25 subcontractors and coordinated regularly with New York Waterway.

Providing value engineering for many aspects of the project, Conti saved the client over $6 million. Efforts included eliminating approximately 950 square feet of a terrazzo floor and replacing it with durable colored epoxy sealants and resilient flooring. The team also evaluated ferry operations and optimized the dredging area by reducing its footprint, which reduced the pay quantity by more than 30%.

Conti won an Honorable Mention by New York Construction Magazine as one of the Best Building Projects of the Year.

New Jersey Transit described Conti’s commitment to excellence as “working aggressively to meet key construction dates… without compromising quality or safety.”


New Jersey Transit

Scope of Work:
  • Designed and built 65,000 square foot ferry terminal
  • Removed 4,350 tons of river debris
  • Dredged 110,000 cubic yards of river
  • Re-designed many scope elements
  • Drove plump and battered H-piles (10,675 linear feet)
  • Poured 263 cubic yards concrete pile caps and tie beams
  • Fabricated and installed two passenger barges

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