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I-295 Fayetteville Outer Loop

North Carolina

As part of a major highway construction program, this project will reduce traffic congestion by linking roadways throughout North Carolina.

​Under a program to link all major highway arteries in North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has contracted a total of 478 major and minor infrastructure construction projects across Interstate 95.

These projects are designed to reduce traffic congestion throughout North Carolina by connecting the highway with major roads. The entire 36-mile Outer Loop route’s projected path will take the freeway from I-95 at its current intersection with US 13 to the west and south of Fayetteville reconnecting with I-95 north of St. Pauls in Robeson County.

Conti constructed a new 6.8-mile stretch of interstate highway from Cliffdale Road to the east of the All American Freeway under the program. This included grading, paving, ground improvements, excavation and disposal of regulated material, utility installation, traffic control, sheeting and piling, formwork, reinforcing steel and concrete, superstructure demolition and erection, retaining walls and noise barriers and sign structures.

Conti’s project management team worked closely with NCDOT and other stakeholders to incorporate this project into the larger Fayetteville Outer Loop program. This included conducting daily and monthly status update meetings with the client. This project and many others under the Outer Loop construction plan were highly public, so Conti performed regular community outreach sessions to provide progress updates and address concerns.


North Carolina Department of Transportation

Scope of Work:
  • Constructed 6.8 miles of interstate highway
  • Graded, paved and implemented ground improvements
  • Managed traffic
  • Communicated with public
  • Constructed noise barriers
  • Excavated and disposed of contaminated material

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