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LIRR Highway & Canal Railroad Bridges

New York

Large vehicles could not easily pass under railroad bridges on Long Island.

​The North Highway Bridge, Montauk Highway Bridge and Shinnecock Canal Bridge, built about 100 years ago, required rehabilitation. Based on routine bridge inspections, the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) determined these aging bridges were in need of modernization to extend the life of the bridges by 35 to 40 years.

Conti closely coordinated with LIRR to complete this project successfully. To accommodate the vehicle heights, the vertical roadway clearances of Montauk Highway and North Highway Bridges were increased by 6 inches. The Shinnecock Bridge superstructure and substructure elements were repaired, along with lead abatement, painting, waterproofing and other critical structural improvements. The Shinnecock Bridge rehabilitation work was done over an active waterway and required close coordination with the US Coast Guard. Conti performed lead abatement and steel repairs using a containment system. Existing piers and abutments were refurbished by installing soil anchors, replacing bearings and repairing concrete spalls.

In order to raise the bridges and set new approaches, 72-hour outages were required by the railroad to disconnect the rails. Conti closely coordinated with LIRR to ensure rail service resumed as scheduled. These outages were scheduled over a year in advance to accommodate the 5,490 passengers who ride the Montauk line on an average weekday.

Conti worked with LIRR to achieve transparent communication and coordination of the project. The team completed all four 72-hour track outages on time without impacting train or canal traffic.

“Rebuilding these bridges, the oldest of which has stood for more than 100 years, will provide a much needed boost to the economy.” – LIRR President, Helena Williams


Long Island Railroad

Scope of Work:
  • Reconstructed three bridges
  • Repaired 16 tons structural steel
  • Installed drainage system
  • Replaced 16 bearings and 6 bridge seats
  • Repaired 1,745 SF of concrete spalls, 1,095 LF of cracks
  • Installed 42 soil anchors
  • Removed and disposed 63,000 SF lead paint
  • Painted and waterproofed bridges

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