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New Jersey Turnpike Eastern Spur Bridge Deck

New Jersey

The heavily traveled New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) is a major traffic artery for the Greater New York City area.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority undertook a major program to replace and reconstruct bridge and roadway surfaces in order to maintain this vital traffic route, phasing work to minimize the disruptions to commuters.

Conti reconstructed a high performance structural concrete deck bridge roadway slab over the Hackensack River, spanning over a mile along the eastern spur of the mainline New Jersey Turnpike between exits 15E and 15X. Conti performed seismic retrofits and structural steel repairs, including the removal of existing paint from the structural steel members and applying a new four-coat paint system. The project team removed and reconstructed deck joints, replaced median barriers, modified the wingwalls, repaired the substructure, improved lighting, reconstructed the shoulder structures, resurfaced the deck, and rehabilitated the access walkway.

Conti worked with NJTA and the designer to restage the project by using a half-section barrier system that enabled more flexible staging. The Turnpike Authority was open to this alternative provided the proposed barriers met FHWA specifications. Conti consulted with industry professionals and conducted a crash test to prove the barrier system would safely work and meet the specifications. This resulted in reducing the project from five to four stages and an overall schedule reduction of 7 months. This project was awarded the 52nd Annual NJ Grand Concrete Award by NJ Concrete.

Conti staged the project in this heavily congested traffic artery to reduce the schedule by 7 months.


New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Scope of Work:
  • Replaced existing 5,613 LF bridge deck
  • Poured 21,250 CY of concrete deck, median and parapet
  • Installed over 6,000,000 lbs epoxy coated rebar
  • Installed over 18,500 total structural steel repairs and retrofits (12,500 tons), including 51 unique types
  • Removed existing drainage structure, installed new drainage scuppers
  • Managed and protected active traffic of over 139,000 vehicles per day
  • Managed 26 subcontractors on largest contract awarded by NJTA

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