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NJ Turnpike Exit 15X Ramp

New Jersey

NJ’s Secaucus Junction currently offers unparalleled commuter convenience, but this was not always so.

Before the turn of the century, travelers had limited options on where they could commute to. Looking to change this, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) developed the Secaucus Interchange and Rail Transfer Station Program (SIP), which included a series of projects designed to connect 11 rail lines in the northern part of the state.

Of the eight contracts associated with this program, Conti was awarded five. This project, SIP-301, for Exit 15X of the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95), provided access to the newly built Secaucus Junction Station serving over 17,000 passengers daily.

Conti constructed a 3,100 linear foot, high level curved ramp structure spanning over the very active NJ Transit Main Line. The project consisted of 21 spans, 900 concrete-filled pipe piles, two abutments, two crash walls, and 44 pier caps. The foundations for the piers and abutments rested on concrete-filled pipe piles. The team built the reinforced concrete bridge deck in a series of 77 pours. Bridge piers were constructed atop foundations built in designated wetlands over an active rail line. The project required extensive coordination and planning for traffic management around the site, as well as scheduling of multiple subcontractors and vendors, and coordination with adjacent contractors. Conti received ACI’s Grand Award for Outstanding Concrete Project of the Year.

“Conti worked extremely well with the authority and others to successfully solve issues in the field.”

Assistant Chief Engineer, Construction, NJTA

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Scope of Work:
  • Constructed bridge piers, abutments, crash walls, and foundations
  • Excavated and dewatered
  • Poured bridge decks
  • Used slip form technology
  • Protected utilities
  • Coordinated with rail
  • Protected wetlands

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