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NCDOT US17 Hampstead Bypass

North Carolina
In Progress

U.S. 17 is a heavily congested highway in Hampstead, where an average of 43,500 vehicles travel each day. This major construction project will improve traffic flow and safety in Pender and New Hanover counties.

Conti is constructing a four-lane, divided highway on a new location, known as the U.S. 17 Hampstead Bypass, between an area south of N.C. 210 that connects to U.S. 17 north of the Topsail schools, a distance of 5.6 miles. The project will include new interchanges with bridges, ramps, and loops at N.C. 210, Hoover Road, and U.S. 17 north of Vista Lane.

As part of this contract, nearly a mile of U.S. 17 between the new bypass and an area north of Sloop Point Road will be upgraded with raised medians. This section of U.S. 17 will be redesigned with safety features called reduced conflict intersections, which decrease by more than half the potential locations where vehicles can collide.


North Carolina Department of Transportation

Scope of Work:

220,000 CY Roadway Excavation

4.4M CY of borrow excavation

Drainage Pipe and structures

Watermain and Sewer Relocations

Asphalt Paving

Concrete Curbs & Barrier Wall

Overhead Sign Structures and DMS Signs

Signalized Intersections


Box Culverts

Sound Walls

MSE Retaining Walls

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